Oversize Transport Adds Six New Trucks to Fleet

Oversize Transport, Freo’s Heavy Haulage and Over-dimensional Transport division, has recently purchased six new Freightliner Prime Movers to add to its already impressive fleet.

After securing several contracts for the Logistics division, Oversize Transport acted quickly to boost their current fleet. Boris Kovacevic, Branch Manager of Oversize Transport said, “The choice of the Freightliner Prime Movers was an easy decision based on the excellent value for money, and the caterpillar engines are renowned for reliability and availability of parts and service throughout regional Western Australia.”

Another reason Oversize Transport decided to invest in the six new prime movers was to support their drivers on long haul trips. The new prime movers boast several creature comforts for drivers, including automatic transmission and 110-inch brakes for driver ease and a built in ice pack and refrigerated air conditioning to ensure driver safety and comfort when sleeping overnight in the cabin on long haul trips.

These six new Freightliner Prime Movers join a specialised fleet of equipment, including 10 and 12 line platforms, 50 and 100t low loaders, semi trailer flat tops, drop deck and extendable trailers, extendable trailers up to 25m, jinkers, jacking and skating equipment, semi Hiabs, rigid Hiab trucks and pilot vehicles.